Stop Being a Digital Hoarder!

You are holding on to too many themes.  This is bad for many reasons.

So, ok– you set up your website, and while you were doing that, you “tried out” a bunch of WordPress themes (either free or paid) just to see which one you liked the best.

We’ve all done it.  Until you get your stable of favorite themes, it is a good idea to test out a bunch of different ones to see what you like, what has the functionality you’re after, and what you like working with the most.  Totally fair!

The problem arises when you leave all of those themes in there.  Here are a couple of reasons you should delete all themes except for the one you currently have “Active,” as well as maybe one backup for if that one crashes.

  1.  Site speed.  This is debatable amongst my web development peers, but in terms of site speed, I find that my sites all run a little bit faster if I don’t have all of the code for 20 themes in the backend, bogging them down.
  2. Code rot.  This is a bad one.  There is no way you are going to go through and perform the necessary updates for 20 themes, and the longer you leave the old code up there, the more vulnerable you are making your website.  If you insist on having more than 2 or 3 themes in your Appearances backend, AT LEAST click into each one of them and set it to “Enable Auto Updates.”  Still not the best idea, but better than having a super-old version of the Twenty Fourteen theme in there as an open door to intruders, know what I mean?   I personally have a real dislike for both the look AND the functionality of the “Twenty Twenty One” theme, so that thing is always the first thing I delete, along with the “Hello World” post and the Hello Dolly plugin, because I am a grouch and I like things the way I like them.
  3. Clutter in general.   This might be a little “hippie woo woo,” but generally speaking, clutter holds you back in life.