Bad Websites

Back in the olden days of web development, my colleagues and I used to have a shared document where we would put all of the epically bad websites we found out in the world.  I am attempting to replicate that here, using screenshots from the WayBack Machine, because either through the passage of time or due to intense mockery, most of these sites either no longer exist or have long since redesigned.  If you have a site that looks like one of these, please:  get help.  Having a bad website is FOR SURE costing you business.

  1.  Yvettes Bridal Formal.   I don’t think this business even exists anymore, but this one was the gem in the crown of my bad website collection back in the day.  Yvette’s was apparently a bridal shop, but she also sold paintings and was maybe also an expert in Microsoft Paint, because I’m pretty sure that is what she used to make this website.  One of the very best things about Yvette’s was that every single page had a different song that auto-played when it loaded (which is a huge website no-no in and of itself, but that is SO beside the point when it comes to Yvette’s).   If I recall correctly, the homepage had a creepy, murder-strings kind of song, whereas the sub-pages (and you had to really hunt for those suckers because there was absolutely no information architecture going on there) were everything from a jaunty polka to classical music to bagpipes.

Yeah.   It was alot.   Here is a mirror site someone created, if you dare to explore the magic of Yvette’s.  Try not to stare directly at it, or it just might blind you.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!!